Strategic Use

Aerial advertising is an ideal channel for medium & large enterprises that want to expand their advertising campaign and manage and measure ROI at a cost effective rate.

  • Localizes messages to geographic/demographic targets, saving money by minimizing the wasted exposure that reaches non prospects
  • Conveys a repeated, uncluttered exposure of the brand to todays highly mobile consumer
  • Reaches new and niche markets inexpensively
  • Targets a mass audience, while also reaching select ethnic, income and demographic group
  • Compliments the strategic objectives of virtually any mixed media campaign, reaching media objectives more effectively and efficiently
  • Can be used in conjunction with competitions, sweepstakes, ambush marketing etc.
  • Presents new products, features and services immediately
  • Prolongs advertising period/span of a product, feature and service
  • Provides product, feature and service information that is graphic and up to date
  • Builds brand awareness with new and existing customers
  • Revamps, reinforces and drives the image of a brand and its identity
  • Difficult to ignore: consumers cannot simply tune out, turn the page or change channel
  • Gives client value for money, as it is an affordable medium whereby the average CPM is around R3,-
  • Client can view each flight, its path and duration and make strategic changes to future flights


effectiveness of aerial advertising

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