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One unique way to ask her out to PROM

You want to get your  “queen” excited for the dance?  

If you can’t find the perfect invitation for the big event we have the solution!

Fly an airplane banner at lunch break for everyone to see

and add sophistication to your prom invite. 

Call Michael the chief pilot and he will help you to get your prom invitation flying overhead!

Call or text: 909.597.3642

Creative flying PROM invitation

Creative flying PROM invitation 2014



You can’t imagine how jealous the other guys reacted!

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A marriage proposal – enough to put any girl on cloud nine!

Mike organized an airplane to fly over Huntington beach with a huge banner reading:

Say it big: Will you marry me?

Fortunately, his girlfriend of 8 years said yes.Mike,35,  said after being with Kim,30, for so long it was hard to think of a way to surprise her with something she expecting to get.  He thought the perfect time would be the day after they got a rescue dog from a shelter and she would be distracted with their first four leg “child”.

Kim said she was shocked  and blown away when the plane flew over.

Mike then got down on bended knee, proposed and Kim said, “Of course.”The couple get things off to a flying start and plan to get married at the end of the year.

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After 4 hours circling over the US Open of Surfing competition at Huntington Beach with the huge “Nocturnal” advertising billboard in tow the pilot had seen enough of the “Young and Beautiful!Image

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Our first proposal  banner in Spanish!

Flown over Laguna Beach on 7/25/2013

We hope to fly more Spanish love messages in the future!

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Great surprise for Graduates Classes 2013

Who will make the start this graduation season?

graduation gift 2011

For instance in 2011 – our first graduation banner surprised Ashley L. Silver during the graduation ceremony at the Delmar Oviatt Library lawn California State University Northridge. Laura, her sister organized it and days before we flew it she was so excited and could not wait to see the face of her sister, when she will see her name in the sky.  The congratulation banner was also mentioned in the speech, because everyone liked it. The sisters were blown away and enjoyed a special day together they will never forget.

Pictures from the graduation location from our pilot Mike:

Graduation ceremony California State University Northridge May 26th 2011


Lucas and his class at Ramona High School in Riverside got surprised yesterday May 31st with a congratulations airplane banner.

Larry, Lucas father and as a the owner from Jerry’s Brake & Wheel in Corona, ordered the banner. He is better known in the area as “Mr. Smiley”, because he is always friendly and with a big smile on his face, so we put a “Smiley” as a last letter on the banner as a secret code.

June 1st aunt Frances send an graduation banner to surprise her nephew at the Eleanor Roosevelt High School in  Corona. Her nephew “Papa Drew” saw years ago an airplane banner for graduation and mentioned that this was an awesome idea. Frances couldn’t attend the graduation because she had to take care of her sick mother, so she send an airplane banner instead.

Aerial Picture from the Eleanor Roosevelt High School Graduation Ceremony 1st of June 2011.

Daniel Rodriguez parents Pauline and George are well known parents, because they are always involved in the sport activities of the Arroya Valley High School. They know all lot of the kid’s for a long time.  It was a pleasure for us to fulfill their wish and fly for their son a graduation banner.

Godmother Misty wanted to surprise Breanna with an airplane banner showing up at the Colton High School Graduation – Misty got it right Breanna was overwhelmed.

Aunt Judy adores nephew Troy, who is really a wonderful boy! Because of health problems she couldn’t drive to his graduation at the Linfield Christian School in Temecula. She does everything to surprise Troy. She sent to his  birthday a few months ago an “In and Out” burger food truck. Judy found out about our service 3 hours before the graduation and we are happy that we could make it happen to fly aunt Judys message above Troys head in time. The 15 year old was speechless.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (WSVN) — A man who was injured when he fell from a horse expressed his gratitude that they saved his life and came up with the idea of a plane banner that read, “Dr. Daniel Chan is the man! Thanks Memorial Staff, Don.”

Read more:

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State Farms solution to reach out to Superstorm SANDY victims

State Farm, the largest U.S. home and auto insurer plans to fly airplane banners over areas affected by Superstorm SANDY showing their claims number.

The planes will fly from sunrise to sunset, with one covering the greater New York City area and the other the New Jersey coast.

The insurer has already received nearly 76,000 claims from that storm that battered oceanside communities in New Jersey and New York.  “Sandy” is expected to be the second-worst natural disaster in U.S. history after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The Consumer Federation of America said there would be hundreds of thousands of insurance claims filed due to Sandy and it could take weeks before homeowners or renters with damaged roofs or flooded basements see an insurance adjuster in person.

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a great shot of Downtown LA

Tom King Aerial’s chief pilot shot a great pictures when he was flying an airplane advertising between Santa Anita Park over the horse racing track to Pasadena Rose Bowl Stadium flying over the major football game between UCLA and Arizona on November 3rd, 2012. 



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Graduation banner for a best kept secret

We received a call about a graduation banner in 2007.

The man told us a story about how he found out he had a daughter after 17 years. His ex left him and never told him she was pregnant. He received a call from his daughter – she told him that her mother said he was not interested in kids and took off. The daughter finds out quite the opposite – dad has a big happy family. Meanwhile the ex wife is on her third divorce and not happy. She also insisted that dad stay away from his daughters graduation.

Dad decided to fly a banner plane for his daughter from her new found family. Dad had called and said that it was perfect everyone loved it, except for the ex wife of course.

If you want to express your love for someone special in your family and fly an airplane banner do not hesitate.

Call Tom King Aerial 800-995-5464 – Aerial Advertising – Imagine your message in the sky for everyone to see.

Parents of graduates often ask us if they can come to see our banner tow operation. Of  course, you are always welcome.

We love to meet and greet them in person, hear the stories about their kids and show them the banner assembly. One of our pilots might be able to show them around the airport for an exclusively personal experience and they can talk airplanes with them.
We also like to spend time with the parents to figure out the most unique and personal sky tweet to impress the graduation audience.

We fly only for one graduate per school graduation!

We like to see parents come as a costumer and leave as a Tom King Aerial friend.

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