Posted by: tomkingaerial | August 25, 2011

It is a little cheaper and goofy ….

Coming up with an original marriage proposal can be hard work!

But cartoon strip fan Kevin Timpson had no problems after he enlisted the help of a cartoonist to help him pop the question. Knowing his girlfriend Cierra Howard was a huge fan of the cartoon strip F Minus in his local paper he arranged for his marriage proposal to be included in the latest work.

A Plus: Cierra Howard and Kevin Timpson got engaged after he proposed to her via her favorite comic strip F Minus

As the 23-year-old sat down to read the latest offering she was stunned to see her name on a banner flying from the strip’s cartoon airplane. ‘

Artist: Tony Carrillo agreed to incorporate the marriage proposal into his cartoon for the couple
When she looked up her boyfriend of a year was down on one knee, holding a ring.

The cartoon was run in 150 papers, including the Sacramento Bee which Mr Timpson and his girlfriend read every day.

Miss Howard said she was thrilled and loved how he proposed. Mr Timpson said he had been looking for an original way to propose  and make her laugh. She has a really good sense of humor.’

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