Posted by: tomkingaerial | August 11, 2011

60,000 businesses but only one Aerial Ad Agency

Tom King Aerial owners are very proud that they got an award and were chosen out of 60,000 businesses as the BUSINESS OF THE MONTH JUNE 2011. 

What has Tom King Aerial achieved in June 2011 to have earned this award?

  • We have certainly elevated the spirits of 20 young people by flying over their graduation ceremonies with enormous greeting cards – from Beverly Hills to Cal State University, San Bernardino. A sky banner is worth a thousand words and shows everyone a message to remember.
  •  Last June we also supported Chino’s first charter school. The school director and children were thrilled to see a greeting banner on the opening day of Oxford Preparatory Academy. It was our pleasure to reward them yet again at the school year closing event.
  •  Tom King Aerial donated a banner to lighten up the face of a young cancer patient as he saw the message in the sky dedicated to him. This fundraiser event helped his parents with medication expenses for his Hodgkin lymphoma.


As an aerial advertising company, we also fly campaigns for well known big companies, often over beaches and big events. One of our specialties is identifying small start up companies with unique American-made products and provide them with low-cost and effective advertising, including creative social media interaction, to energize their business potential. We feel it is our responsibility to help small businesses succeed and create jobs by cutting through their advertising clutter and providing the most effective advertising possible. We believe that aerial advertising is not so much an expense as it is an investment that sticks in their customer’s minds!

How Austrians can find a business in Southern California?

Michael Vogel was searching online for a sea plane at the time he managed a hotel on a Caribbean island. Instead Tom King Aerial for sale popped up. Not for a reason! As a pilot he was hooked on the idea of accepting the challenge to fly stunts picking up huge billboards from the ground.  He bought the business two weeks before the recession was announced in the media. Michael and his wife Eveline, a journalist, wanted also to further the legacy of Tom King, a banner tow pioneer, who orchestrated a huge banner tow fleet for the 1984 Olympics.

Our customers have fun to send their eye candies in the skies and it never fails to catch attention!

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