Posted by: tomkingaerial | July 8, 2011

Where will be fun again at Chino Challenge Demolition Derby

What can be more unique than an airplane towing a banner with your message for the race fans over Chino’s  Demolition Derby on July 9th 2011?

Sponsors, M.K. Smith Chevrolet and Sunnyside Promotions Racing put on the 20th annual Chino Challenge Demolition Derby last year and did a bang up job. In 2009 approx. thirty-six drivers started the event driving mostly 60s and 70s model Lincolns, Cadilacs, Chevys, Fords, and Oldsmobiles. In each heat, cars began the race back to back. The idea is that your car will last longer if you hit your opponent with the back of your car rather than the front. In the end, Frank Garza, from La Quinta, driving a 74 Chevy, won the race 2009 by being the last car able to move.

This year Chino’s Empanadas to go business owner Carlos Saccone wanted to greet the race fans with a huge sky message before the race.

Based on Chino Airport Tom King Aerial offers to fly your sky commercial

over the hottest event in town! Call 800-995-5464

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