Posted by: tomkingaerial | June 18, 2011

Best feeling ever!

Review from a mom ordered a graduation banner flying over La Puente High School graduation ceremony on
June 16, 2011

graduation giftt for JJ M

Mr and Mrs Vogel
Thank you so much! Best feeling ever!!
Everyone loved it especially JJ so proud!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so for the beautiful photos. My  Son and I will enjoy forever. We
are so bless to have met such nice people. I hope you are blessed with lots
of business.  I know lots of people have been call for information on your
Thank you God Bless.

Southern California Edison
Stella Oporto
Executive Support & Telephone  Operator
Go 2 Rm 125 Pax#22246


  1. I seen this banner and loved it! What a wonderful idea. Congratulations!
    Great Job!

    • Hi Georgina,
      thank you so much for your comment. I met the mom, who ordered the graduation banner and she was so proud of her boy that he did so good in school
      under not so very easy conditions. It was a pleasure for my husband to deliver the congratulations.
      Have a great day,
      Eveline Vogel

      Creative Director & Marketing
      Tom King Aerial Ad Agency
      phone 213-814-2710 or 800-995-5464
      email – celebrating 36 years


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