Posted by: tomkingaerial | May 10, 2011


Two homes – One table – Family Dinner?
What happens at the dinner table after the divorce? Do you have strategies for keeping it all together…one meal at a time?

The message I do believe can be: This family is changing, we are in a transition, but we are still a family, life will go on and dinner will be served!

Not only that, but we are a family that is going to get through this and come out strong and connected. When marriages break up, kids need the comfort of routine more than ever. Rituals come to the rescue doing what they do best, providing a sense of predictability and normalcy, stability and security, comfort and love.

Let the kids know that just because the marriage ended, it didn’t mean you no longer care about them!

What about a different divorce model for your kids, because they are innocent bystanders and deserve better?  I believe it’s possible to have a loving divorce. It takes an enormous amount of courage to change your life. No one wants a marriage to end; no one wants to have that heart-crushing conversation with his or her kids, but it happens.

Can you stand to cheat yourself out of seeing one of your kids’ and be excluded from all the laughs and inside jokes they shared at their parties? NO?

But you’re still in transition with the awful sense of feeling to be left out of half of your kids’ life. 

An airplane banner “LOVE YOU” message would be “the perfect vehicle” to get you there, when you can’t be there!
At the summer birthday party of your son,… at her graduation ceremony,… at the wedding reception of your “little” girl,…….
During the most challenging time of your life, an airplane banner message can provide the surprise to reconnect with one another.
Stay connected! – It’s never to late to send your huge XXXL LOVE TEXT to your family! IT IS THE PATH IN. AMEN!
Call Eveline @ Tom King Aerial 800-995-5464
I am also thinking about Maria Shriver today, as they announced in the media that she is in “transition” and asking for help to get answers:  How to handle transitions?
I hope she will get answers that will enlighten her life.

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