Posted by: tomkingaerial | May 1, 2011

This unscannable QR Code made me laugh a lot!

mystery billboard towed behing an airplaneAt April 30th, 2011 many people saw an airplane towing a banner with a giant QR Code above their head in Amsterdam.

At the moment nobody has a glue what the QR Code means when decoded.

Who has the right equipment to decode?

Any additional information anyone?

I’m excited please send me an email to riddle the secret billboard message !

Thanks,  Eveline at Tom King Aerial :


  1. @Patrick Outstanding forensics!!

    Thanks to your good work I can add some information: It was part of a campaign to introduce a new toothpaste ‘Aquafresh Ultimate’ into the Dutch market and the QR Code resolved to the campaign Facebook page. The QR Code banner was apparently followed by another with an explanation which read ‘QR Gemist? (Eng=QR Code?) Aquafresh Ultimate Facebook’

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