Posted by: tomkingaerial | April 7, 2011

Have fun!

Have you ever been enjoying a day out in the sun when you start to think about what concert or beach to choose and what are you going to eat or drink?

Did you ever stop and say, man I wish I had an energy drink now to help me out in this hot weather? If you see a multicolored, banner towing the airplane go by while you were enjoying a concert or a bright day at the seashore.  I’ll bet you would glance up that you want that particular drink now.

Imagine how many people have your ad right there under their nose while they partying at coming Coachella &  Stagecoach festival or the Long Beach Grand Prix and immediately start to run for your special offer?

I personally think that would be one of the coolest ways to display your company message.

Coachella,- Stagecoach - Music Festival fansIt is very important to know that the hottest sunny days are the best days to fly over the most packed beaches. The days of the popular festivals and other revelry can also facilitate your reach to the maximum amount of clientele for your advertising budget. Many companies are using this to their advantage to turn around and make a profit off where people are going to flock in large numbers.

Suntan lotions, beverages, weight loss products, beach gear, movies, restaurants, phone companies, banks, real estate, food products, cars, banks and so much more have found success with aerial ads.

Why not take the chance, place your ad through aerial ads and see what the results will be?

Tom King Aerial provides day and night ads in the sky with affordable rates and conduct all forms of Aerial Advertising: NASCAR, Indy Car, Spring Break, Concerts, Conventions, Rush Hour Traffic, Football, Baseball, State Fairs, all Beaches, Parades, Cruise Lines, etc. and produce the custom banners as well. Call 800-995-5464 today.

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