Posted by: tomkingaerial | March 30, 2011

Dodger fans show dignity “the heaven is ours!”

What’s the plan, Los Angeles? Can the Dodger fans arrange their own  stunt?

LA Taco got wind of this, they released the following threat:

“People of Los Angeles, we cannot let this potential aggression stand. LA TACO will organize a boycott and shaming campaign of any Los Angeles pilot who takes filthy Frisco funds to denigrate Los Angeles and our 5 championships. Spread the word and we’ll keep the pressure on. Go Dodgers.”

So we’ll see how well “business” continues to run for whoever flies the dirty enemy artwork this Thursday.

Who’s going to be the crazed Dodger loyal who downs this thing like a duck in hunting season?

Dodger fans have no fears  and got the right spirit to choose one of

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