Posted by: tomkingaerial | March 8, 2011

Mind blowing sky texting that seems to be written by the stars

Tom King Aerial announce the production of a new high impact solution for ads turning the dark of the night into an evening of night sky reading. It is digital and designed to allow advertisers to make a powerful effect among crowds at night.

People wonder if some of them might be “UFO’S” and can’t stop talking about the nightly amazement they have experienced.

Do you need to market or brand your product / event and reach your target group outdoors at night?

You will need a dynamic placement in the sky that captures attention.

Advertising people like to watch the night show ads. In fact, they love it.

They get great results for their local & national corps and leave a lasting impression with our night sky flyers scrolling text messages from an aircraft.

Tom King Aerial as a Premier National Aerial Ad Agency can add a powerful and unforgettable touch to any special event!

An extremely unique and effective way of communicating your message to potential customers above major U.S. cities.




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