Posted by: tomkingaerial | October 30, 2010

Halloween special?

“Empanadas To Go” restaurant owner Carlos Saccone wanted to surprise his staff and Chino residents with an flying sign promotion for his new created Argentinian Halloween special. So many people called the restaurant when they saw the airplane banner advertising on the way to the restaurant. The staff on the phone were surprised about the story with the airplane, but they found out the reason 15 minutes later, when they actually saw the plane circle over the restaurant. It was a great success for Empanadas To Go – Halloween special – and more to come in the future.

Before the promotion flight our pilot Marty and Mike from Tom King Aerial visited Carlos Saccone (middle), the restaurant owner, at the car show at Chino airport to discuss the banner plane tow route for his restaurant promotion. Carlos got a great feedback from the new costumers and he plan to fly more  ads in the future.

Call 800-995-5464 if you plan to advertise a “Christmas Special” for your small business this year. Tom King Aerial we will get your word out!

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