Posted by: tomkingaerial | October 21, 2010

out of this world

10/10/10 – A day for weddings – 134 couples tied the knot on NASCAR race day
The Auto Club Speedway starting line was the place where “134 of the most passionate and loving race fans” gathered on Sunday morning at Fontana, CA, to make or renew vows on race day.

The Sunday morning ceremony, which Speedway president Gillian Zucker led in a judicial robe adorned with a checkered flag design around the collar, was a real wedding for couples, who also paid for a San Bernardino marriage license. Couples and their families witnessed other riffs on old-fashioned weddings. The traditional marriage vows were edited for the venue, and Zucker recited pledges for the couples to remain wedded ” from this day and race days forward … through checkered flags and red flags, Ford or Toyota”.

That kind of legal formality was just about the only formal aspect of Sunday’s ceremony, which concluded with couples taking a ride around the racetrack on the “Tram of Love”.

The event was also the kind of occasion where it did not seem weird when one of the grooms yelled ” Jeff Gordon” to wedding guests who cheered – or booed – depending on who they root for.

And forget about morning coats or other fancy stuff. A few of the brides actually wore wedding dresses, but many others – and their grooms – adorned themselves in nothing swankier than T_shirts. ”

“C’mon, it’s NASCAR”, a bride said. ” You can’t get this every day”.


at Auto Club Speedway Fontana, CA, March 27th, 2011 to propose or get married in an unforgettable way.

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