Posted by: tomkingaerial | September 30, 2010

Reach past the stars – the hottest advantage in using light show ads

We illuminate the evening skies with an entirely new avenue for creative outdoor advertising.

Night outdoor ads work fantastic for concert & event promotion and to market high end brands.

Flying Night Advertising commands attention, action and recall.  Our airplanes fly your light show anywhere over populated dense area in the dark sky and provide exclusivity in markets.

Your audience will experience something so unique that they will post videos on Twitter, You Tube, Facebook.

Your ad will get a fast-selling item overnight for free and be watched by millions of curious web users.

Tom_King_Aerial_Light _Show

How it works?

Digital Night Advertising  is a computer-controlled
electronic sign displaying messages by flashing or
scrolling through your specific text. Because it’s all
digitally programmed, your message is highly dynamic
and modifiable

Over 300 computer-controlled lights are mounted
under the wings.

For a special touch – attention grabbing digital
animations (exploding stars, UFO’s, winking eyes,
cars/trucks, flying airplanes) and digital logos can be

Messages can be up/down rolled, flashed in a variety
of methods, or traveled across at varying speeds.

At night, we fly over the freeways, beaches, sports
complexes, fairgrounds, and/or special events.

Headquarter in California and can be relocated to other areas.

Call Tom King Aerial to find out more about this exciting way to light the sky: 800-995-5464

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