Posted by: tomkingaerial | August 26, 2010

All you need is a dress from Bloomingdale’s

Tom King Aerial flew a very successful aerial advertising campaign for Bloomingdale’ s Grand Opening along the LA Beaches’ this summer.

After a very busy time flying aerial promotions, Eveline and Michael Vogel (Tom King Aerial owners)  could not wait to experience the new Santa Monica Place by themselves. We took our pilot Leonardo, who flew the huge attractive billboard, and was also eager to see the shopping place and spent a fabulous time at the awesome designed Bloomingdale’s. We found out that not only the opening was packed with customers. We could see that Bloomingdale’s second week was still very busy and a lot was going on and attracted not only LA’s  “Fashionistas”. We recognized also a lot of tourists as their customers.

Our pure shopping adventure ended on the magnificent dining deck with a sundowner in our hand and we were satisfied that we did a good job for them and our campaign worked perfect for our client. Now we were happy and could enjoy the  spectacular view to the Ocean and over St. Monica. How wonderful life can be!

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