Posted by: tomkingaerial | June 21, 2010

Advertise where the world goes to party on 4th of July 2010


From its shining sea to its magical mountains, Los Angeles explodes with excitement on the Fourth of July, making it one of the country’s top destinations for Independence Day.

All over this vast landscape, parties and events are as prevalent as palm trees. Families gather by the thousands at the historic Rose Bowl for the biggest fireworks show in town. People picnic in scenic Marina del Rey and gather in Long Beach for a waterfront performance.

At the beaches, it’s the home of the brave. All up and down the coast, starting at the South Bay Beach Cities and continuing to Newport Beach in Orange County, it’s a days-long celebration full of kegs bursting not in air, but on decks of oceanfront houses.

Aerial ads will be a sensational hit over L.A‘.s 4th of July celebrations!

Many companies and branding agencies are taking advantage of July 4th and plan to reach patriotic people celebrating on this wonderful day. People flood the streets to see parades and witness spectacular fireworks displays. This great attraction out in the open and up in the sky constantly makes aerial advertising a sensational hit for companies promoting what they can provide as a solution to the hundreds of people with captivated attention below.

Studies have proved that the retention rate from an airplane banner flying over is much higher than virtually any other advertising method. Advertisers know they can reach their demographic in ‘big numbers’ on Independence Day. The results are instant and easy to measure.”

As a top provider Tom King Aerial offers for Independence Day night-time electronic flying signs, a magnificent new attention grabbing technique. Call your aerial advertising specialist at 800-995-5464.

For those undecided on where to spend the 4th of July in L.A., take this advice: Families head to the Rose Bowl, MDR or Long Beach. Singles should slap on the sandals and hit the beach.

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