Posted by: tomkingaerial | May 20, 2010

Next-Generation Aerial Ads “Twitter in the Sky”

Are you looking for an easy way to generate massive web traffic from the next-generation consumers?

Market your business like never before with Tom King Aerials clutter breaking innovation “Twitter in the Sky”. A form of advertising that commands attention and forces people to view your advertisement. An effective way for any advertiser or company to market their service or product in an exciting and memorable medium.

Adding keywords and mobile marketing technology to an aerial message creates a call-to-action and enhances your marketing capabilities of an aerial ad with air-to-ground info, coupons, alerts and more. You can organize a contest through your twitter profile or make your twitter follower benefit from your special offer!

With our new aerial ad strategy you can develop a strong twitter following even if you are not famous? A cost effective way to brand your product and attract people to respond immediately by iPhone. Twitter is often overcrowded and you are competing against a lot of other advertisers who are trying to catch the consumers attention. There is no surer way to get your tweeds to people as using aerial advertising, because there is a very low possibility that you will be competing against another advertiser using the same medium for a time and location. This means that your consumers will have more time to actually process your message and purchase your product.

Our banner planes fly aerial tweeds that are memorable. Studies have shown that a huge majority of people not only notice the airplane messages, but retain them for a good period of time than they might another kind of ad. For instance business owners are surprised how effective only a few minutes of exposure on the beach can be on a crowd that are basically looking up at the sky most of the time, anyway.

Engage the next-generation with the promotion of your product, service, event, company or organization. With a “text to” banner you can view and easily adjust your text message advertising campaign. Text to banner messages have an incredible effective information retention rate of 100% as the message is stored on the mobile user’s cell phone until removed.

Notice! Now is the time that you make the Twitter move. Social networking is definitely here to stay and should be cultivated for the long term. Corporations use social networking as an effective marketing tool. It will be a move that you will not regret if you include “twitter in the sky” in your campaign .

Tom King Aerial is a California based Aerial Ad Agency specialized in launching banner advertising for next-generation consumers that brings active engagement and interactivity to aerial advertising that previously did not exist. Now, thousands of prospective customers at a beach, sporting event, park, concert or other event can be reached quickly and easily. Ask our specialists and your “Twitter in the Sky” ads get results.

Whether you are a business, media buyer or branding agency – we can work with you to create a winning campaign.  “Twitter in the Sky” ads don’t cost! They pay!

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