Posted by: tomkingaerial | May 14, 2010

Aerial Advertising pioneer company celebrate their 35th Anniversary

Tom King  -  Aerial Advertising PioneerTom King Aerial the founder of our company started over 35 years ago with one plane and had the largest fleet of banner tow planes. As a pilot he also held the highest FAA mechanic licence and as an innovative entrepreneur he was one of the first adding aerial photography and smoke typing. As president of the Banner Tower Association he was a famous person, always known as very helpful and a great character.

Tom King Aerial banner planes have been flying along the Southern California coast since 1975        catching everyone’s attention.  Who can resist looking at those vintage aircraft towing banners, billboards and logo boards?

We are a part of the “California Shore Experience” flying over 1 Million people on a crowded weekend. The seashore just wouldn’t be the same without the ever present of our airplanes trailing advertising messages. No one will miss your aerial advertising! The beach goers are a captive audience for your brand recognition!

Tom King Aerial banner planes are not just a special part of the seashore ambiance. Our service is outdoor advertising at it’s most effective.

No one knows the banner towing business like Tom King Aerials crew. We cater for a positive costumer experience, professionalism and fresh outlook. Keep an eye out for our promotion coupons from Tom King Aerial – your aerial advertising partner

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