Posted by: tomkingaerial | May 6, 2010

Reunite by banner plane

Tom King Aerial received a call from a client that was a grandmother. She had a falling out with her daughter and had not spoke for almost 6 months. The grandma was devastated because she was separated not only form her daughter but also her 3 year old grandson. Her daughter was planning a 5th birthday party for the boy. Grandma called Tom King Aerial and asked if we were able to fly a banner over the house that said “Happy Birthday”. We suggested that we put the boy’s name, happy b-day and love grandma and grandpa in the banner.

Grandma was ecstatic! We received a call Saturday after the flight from grandma, a relative that was at the party had called her and told her that the boy was yelling my name is on the plane over and over she also said it was a big hit. About a week later we received a call from Grandma thanking me, she said that her daughter called to talk about the banner plane – she said it really helped in getting her and her daughter talking again. Everyone is now one big happy family!

Want to reunite your family need a unique birthday gift?  Call Tom King Aerial 800-995-5464, today. We will get your word. Your banner plane for everyone to see!

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