Posted by: tomkingaerial | April 27, 2010

Cutting Advertising During Recession is Not an Option!

Aerial advertising can take your message to wide open spaces These are challenging times for businesses.

Many local operations — big and small — are struggling to coup difficult losses sustained during this year. And companies everywhere are faced with budgets and tough decisions. Small retail stores are struggling to stock their shelves, meet the  cost-cutting tactics of competitors, and draw in now for frugal consumers whose purchases they scrutinize more so now than ever.

But the reality stands that everyone still needs petrol for his or her cars. Families need to eat. Children returning to schools need clothes and supplies. And people still need supplies from light bulbs to gardening tools.

Businesses, large and small, who sit back and weather the storm with the belief that, once the economy picks up, so will business are missing out on tremendous opportunities.

Companies must show the consumer that they are stable enough to withstand hard times. Now is the time for smart companies to position themselves to lead the inevitable economic turnaround. Business owners must remember what it was like to start a new business, gain name recognition and entice customers.

Withdrawing from the public until the economy picks up and cash-flow increases will mean having to reinvent the company all over again. A cost that will weigh far more than a few quarters with lower than average profits.

Think about effective and affordable outdoor advertising? With Aerial Advertising your views per 1$ can reach 1000’s.

Call Tom King Aerial 800-995-5464 for a quote and you will be surprised. Let us assist you in creating a profitable outdoor ad campaign for  your target group.  More info:

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