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Don’t trust yelp reviews!

A real story!

As an advertising company based in America we follow the constitutional right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This is why so many people come to the US because of freedom!

The messages we display on banners/ billboards towed by any aircraft operated by Tom King Aerial do not necessarily reflect the view of Tom King Aerial, it’s owners and employees. We are only a paid messenger!




THAT YOU FEEL THAT WAY! If somebody disagree with a message displayed by our company should have the guts to discuss his issues with the originator of the message! Making blind social media attacks and  want to “shoot” the messenger by giving wrongful reviews with the aim to destroy the business will not solve a problem.



Handle the situation professionally!                                                                                      Search for a better way to end a confrontation with the people / organizations behind a message you are offended by, whereby all parties tolerate but do not accept the opposing position(s).                                                                                                                               At the next opportunity plaster the sky with what you have to say but in a more thoughtful manor to set an example!

Future customers with advertising needs please see for yourself what we have to offer and that we go the extra mile for our customers.  You will be surprised!  We can send you references from real customers with real experiences of the service we deliver! You will get the best price – no middleman involved.

Write us an email to and let us communicate and help you with spreading the word.



See what other business owners face with Yelp reviewers:

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Grieving? – an everlasting message

funeral rituals

Send an everlasting message to your loved one you miss so much!

Send a message to heaven!

We can help to get relief coping with the loss during the very intense moments at the memorial.  Include a memorial airplane banner in your funeral ritual. It will bring tears to your eyes but also gives you a moment that you have taken the opportunity to send the loved one an everlasting message.
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Graduation gift of the year 2017

Hi there, struggling to find a perfect gift for your grad?

Give a SHOUT OUT and imagine your huge sky text flying above

your  grad for everyone to see!

Plan on an airplane banner and tell your grad how proud you really are!

School can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, and it should be celebrated, when it is completed successfully.

Call Mike the chief pilot of Tom King Aerial at 800-995-5464 and he will help you to schedule and create a one of a kind message for your once in a lifetime moment.

A surprise your grad will never forget!

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On to the next chapter! – Surprise your Graduate

High Whittier Graduation 2010 - Tom King Aerial Imagine how happy your graduate would be when he sees his name on a huge airplane banner flying  overhead!

Tess will never forget the XXL message her dad send to her before the Cal High School Graduation in Whittier.

See more of our elevating graduation banners parents send to their graduates. Tom King Aerial airplane banner for graduation

Congrats Corina Martinez you are an awesome student! Colton High School Graduation

Jennifer you are the #1! West Covina High School Graduation

Graig Curtis a well deserved degree! Elsinore High School Graduation Airplane banner
Congrats Shelster – you did it! Temescal Canyon High School

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What a neat thing to do! To invite friends and family to a party and nobody knows the gender not even the pregnant woman! Except the aerial advertising company that was allowed to follow up with the doctor and surprised everybody by flying by to announce that they are expecting a “BOY”. The pilot loved his special mission very much!

 Expecting a boy

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Propose at a Southern California beach!

Need help to pop the question?

SHE will never forget the moment and it is easy to arrange for you!

We have a lot of beaches in Southern California and a lot of sunny days!

What about Newport or Huntington Beach? Or even at the Santa Monica Pier!

Scott did it and was very successful! You can do it too!

Here is his scrapbook picture he sent us afterwards!

proposal_on_ the_ beach

hank you for the interest to fly an advertising over the concerts in Indio.
The Coachella festival in Indio in 2014 tallied an aggregate attendance of 579,000 for both weekends and grossed a record-breaking $78.3 million.
The Stagecoach country music festival 2014 drew 63,400 per day for a total attendance of 190,200 and a total gross of $18,615,000
Total attendance for all three weekends at the Empire Polo Field 2014 was 769,000 music fans!!!!
We are the closest real banner tow company to Indio. Deal with us direct and safe on broker fees! SoCal_beach_promotion 30x70ftconcert_promo_banner_2011 201430ftx100ft
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Real Estate Advertising

Real_Estate_ad_banner                                                                                                                  The banner was flown over a real estate conference held at the La Quinta resort.

Tom King Aerial is the closest banner tow company serving Palm Springs area to present business and personal messages in the air.

It’s the big things that will change your life-relationships.

Inspire romantic love and send cupids arrow as a hHappy Valentine's Dayuge “love letter” in the sky!

Flying your romantic message will create more desire as all of the chocolate, red roses and poetry in the world.

Reach out and tell your girl that you adore her, even if she is not an actress, and make her feel as she would walking down the red carpet!

The airplane banner will be created especially for you and flown, where you want us to touch the heart of your loved one.

It’s affordable to stand out from the rest and “wow your sweetheart” for a lifetime!

Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day surprise, wedding proposal, or even an ” I am sorry please forgive me” text, our pilots love to deliver your personal “twitter” in the sky. They can also fly the light show plane for you to surprise your loved one in the evening.

Contact Tom King Aerial today under 800-995-5464 and express your feelings with the biggest greeting cards your friends ever got. You can also write an email to Eveline:

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Advertise over the crowds in Phoenix

2015 started with quite an exciting experience for our chief pilot Mike to cover three exceptional events in Phoenix:

He had to fly a big billboard to advertise over the Barrett-Jackson Auction at Westworld Scottsdale with $ 113 Millions in sale on one weekend.  .

Jackson Barrett Auction

He saw the 82,000 spectators looking up to him at the finals of the Waste Management Golf Tournament.

Waste Management Golf Course

Finally nothing could beat to see the massive fan crowd flocking into the Super Bowl Stadium to watch the game between the Patriots and the Seahawks.

Super Bowl event 2015 Phoenix

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